Use Default Python Rather than Anaconda Path

Anaconda adds the path to  .bashrc so it is found first, you can add the path to your default python to .bashrc or remove the path to anaconda if you don’t want to use it. You can also use the full path /usr/bin/python in bash to use the default python interpreter. If you leave your…

R kernel always dead: Jupyter and anaconda for R

Got this issue as IRkernal was dying after restarting in jupyter-notebook. The problem appeared to be with the IRkernel version. The following script after installation using R or Rstudio resolved the issue install.packages(c(‘repr’, ‘IRdisplay’, ‘pbdZMQ’, ‘devtools’)) devtools::install_github(‘IRkernel/IRkernel’) IRkernel::installspec() # to register the kernel in the current R installation