Best PDF editor for Ubuntu

I work with PDF files (Portable Document Format) very frequently. I guess many people like me does similar kind of work and when we work with multiple people and want to share the PDF files we need to annotate it. Write on the PDF as one can do in Adobe Acrobat in Windows. I was long in search of a similar application in Ubuntu. To my surprise, I found no similar tools mentioned in the forum posts. All they mention is the same junk pdfEDIT or something of that sort. I was feeling hopeless till my Boss introduced me to xournal. It is wonderful and you can play magic on PDFs with it. The package is in the repo. Just type,

sudo apt-get install xournal

and it’s yours. You can scribble, use your pdf as a notebook, mark on it using pen in different inks, highlight, scratch and finally export again as pdf. What more can a researcher expect? I was benefited and hence thought of spreading the message. Explore and enjoy!!

It is awesome


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  1. Mike O'Connor says:

    Currently— Jan 7, 2014— if you simply sudo apt-get install xournal on Ubuntu 12.04, the I386 version, you get version 0.4.5. That one isn’t the latest and doesn’t have the image insert tool. Later versions do.

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