Tools for detecting errors in the OSM Map Data

Quality assurance – Exhaustive list of tools for improving map data quality [Very Long list is provided Please Read]
OpenStreetBugs – A website for easily marking errors in the OSM data.
Mapdust – A QA tool created by Skobbler for easy reporting of issues (bugs) by end users of their OSM-based navigation app. Collected bugs can be reviewed via If a bug is determined to be caused by OSM data, an OSM editor can fix the data and mark the bug as resolved.
KeepRight – Shows a large number of automatically detected potential errors in the OpenStreetMap map data.
MapRoulette – Shows you one error of a specific type at a time, with a new challenge every so often. Links to the editors to fix the errors.
OSm Inspector
Osmose, whose name means OpenStreetMap Oversight Search Engine, is one of many quality assurance tools available to detect errors and inconsistencies OpenStreetMap data.
Bugs in OSM-related Software Most OSM-related components (the website, and Nominatim, OpenCycleMap, Potlatch, the style of the default map layer) use the same trac. Check the component’s wiki page to find the correct place to file a bug if you’re unsure.
JOSM and its plugins have its own trac (requires separate account).
Talk:Wiki is a page with suggested technical improvements to the wiki software
WikiProject Cleanup#List of wiki cleanup issues is a list of “bugs” in the wiki content
Duplicate Nodes Map
The Duplicate Nodes Map also uses a simple map interface to show all locations of duplicate nodes.

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